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NEW - PDF Schedules

We have added support for exporting your schedule to Adobe PDF format. Just click the PDF Version link and you will see an options box that allows you to specify the Page Orientation and the Font Size for the PDF. The PDF version has full color support and should look almost identical to the web-version of the schedule.

Where is the "Print Version"?

We have removed the separate web print version of the schedule because the new schedule page has been designed so that it is already printer friendly. Printing the current schedule page gives the same result as printing the old print version schedule.

How do I print onto one page?

The easiest way to print is to use the PDF version of the schedule. If the PDF does not fit onto one page, then the schedule is probably just too large to print onto one page. However, if you want tips for printing directly from your web browser, keep reading.

Each web browser resizes and formats slightly differently. However, the main key is that you need to reduce the size of the text on your schedule and you need to choose the correct Orientation in your print settings. See the printing tips below.

Tip 1: Reduce the text size on your schedule. To do this, use the "Size:" drop-down in the options at the top of your schedule to choose a smaller font size, such as Small.

Tip 2: Use Print Preview to see how the schedule will print. Print Preview is usually found in the "File" menu of most web browsers.

Tip 3: In Print Preview, make sure the Orientation is set appropriately to best fit the schedule. Sometimes this means Portrait Orientation, and sometimes it means Layout Orientation. It depends on which schedule layout you are using (Calendar, Calendar Grid, or Vertical), and also on how many shifts you have, what font size, etc. Try both orientations to see which works best.

Tip 4: Try to adjust the print margins down to the lowest possible setting.

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