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Hospital Medicine

Scheduling Software that Works

Shift Admin is a 100% web-based schedule management and schedule generation SaaS platform.

Hospital medicine has perhaps one of the most unique scheduling needs of all the medical specialties. Building schedules that maintain continuity of care and that are fair and equitable for all providers can be difficult.

That’s where Shift Admin comes in! The scheduling algorithm at the core of Shift Admin can be customized to match your unique scheduling needs. For example, 7 on / 7 off patterns can be built into the generator to provide maximum continuity of care for your patients. Maybe you don’t schedule 7 on / 7 off? Not to worry, because the auto-generator is customizable, it can be configured to match your group’s unique scheduling needs.

Do you have special rules for when users can work Admitting shifts? Should users work nights on the end of a string of Day shifts? Or should users work an Admit shift, then a Swing shift, then go into a string of Rounding shifts? All of these patterns, and any other that you might need can be built into Shift Admin’s auto-generator. No other scheduling platform can be customized to match your exact scheduling needs like Shift Admin.

If you are ready to get started with Shift Admin, or if you'd just like some more information, please contact us by using the contact form or by calling our toll-free number at 1-888-744-3840.