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Enterprise and On-Call Scheduling

Scheduling Software that Works

Shift Admin is a 100% web-based schedule management and schedule generation SaaS platform.

Shift Admin will create efficiencies across your entire organization that will save you time and money while increasing patient safety and provider satisfaction.

The algorithm at the core of Shift Admin is second to none. It is 100% customizable to match all of your scheduling needs and is easily scalable to accommodate even the largest organizations.

What that means to your schedulers is that they'll be able to easily create fair and equitable schedules for all of their providers based on their group's unique parameters. No other scheduling software on the market can be configured to match your group's unique scheduling needs like Shift Admin.

Shift Admin also offers a comprehensive on-call scheduling platform that allows for a centralized view of your on-call schedule. Our solution provides details about which provider is currently on-call for each service line and what number or pager to call. It can also be integrated with secure messaging platforms to replace phones or pagers.

As organizations move toward standardizing the scheduling processes enterprise-wide, Shift Admin is the gold standard solution.