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For the second year in a row, Shift Admin has been chosen as the KLAS Category Leader for Physician Scheduling
Stop wasting time on outdated, inefficient, or subpar scheduling methods. Let us show you how our award-winning platform works.


Shift Admin offers Automated Schedule Generation that can generate optimized schedules based on fully customizable rules and user’s requests. The Shift Admin schedule generator contains a world-class scheduling algorithm and features a simple but powerful user interface. Our system is flexible enough to handle even the most complicated schedules. What does this mean to you as the Scheduler? It means you’ll be able to create a fair and equitable schedule for ALL your users based on fully customizable rules and individual preferences in a fraction of the time it would take to build the same schedule by hand. And the best part is our first in industry Support team will be there to help answer any questions that you might have along the way.


The scheduling algorithm used at the core of Shift Admin is second to none. The algorithm has been enhanced and perfected over the past 20+ years by scheduling experts. And the best part is, the algorithm can be customized to meet your group’s exact scheduling needs! In addition, Shift Admin uses a flexible weighting system that gives schedulers the ability to define the priority of your rules so the auto-generator can make intelligent and optimized choices when faced with conflicting rules or requests. That means you will always get a fully staffed schedule with no holes that then have to be manually filled. No two groups are exactly the same. The cookie-cutter approach offered by our competitors just doesn’t meet the needs of each group. We’ve built thousands of custom rules for our clients over the years. It’s easy! Just let us know the exact details of what you’re trying to accomplish and our Software Engineers will craft a custom rule for your exact needs.


Shift Admin offers a robust statistics tracking package that allows administrators to track hours, nights, weekends, holidays, pay, and much more. We can also build custom reports and exports to meet any extra needs or preferences. On top of normal Stats tracking, we also have a built in payroll module that covers a wide range of needs, including hourly rates and flat amounts that can be defined all the way down to the user, facility, and shift. Pay differentials and pay adjustments are also supported, and data can be exported to custom reports. Our Software Engineers can even work with your third party payroll vendor to build an interface directly with them.

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