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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hardware or software requirements are there for Shift Admin?

Shift Admin is a completely web based system, and therefore requires no additional software beyond a web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). Because we are entirely web based, you can use Shift Admin on any operating system.

Can Shift Admin handle multiple different sites?

Shift Admin can handle as many sites as you need. We support multiple users at multiple facilities without difficulty.

Does Shift Admin provide an individual schedule?

Yes, Shift Admin will provide each user with their own schedule, including all of the locations they are working. In addition users can easily export their schedule to an iCal format to enter into their personal calendars, or subscribe directly to their real-time schedules using software such as Outlook 2007, Apple iCal, or Google Calendar. We also have a dedicated URL that each user can give out with just their viewable schedule to make it easy for family and friends to keep up with their schedules.

Can we still print a schedule?

Yes, Shift Admin has a PDF generator that allows you to print your schedule in almost any format you want. We can also create a custom format for you.

Does Shift Admin have a schedule request system?

Yes. Our schedule request system allows users to quickly enter request for either entire or partial days off, as well as vacation. They can also enter comments to help the scheduler with that process. The schedule requests tie directly into the Automated Schedule Generation system.

Can Shift Admin generate our schedule automatically?

Shift Admin offers an Automated Schedule Generation add-on that can generate optimized schedules based on fully-customizable constraints and rules. The Shift Admin schedule generator features a simple but powerful user interface, and the underlying scheduling algorithm is world-class. The Auto Scheduler will generated a schedule for you in minutes (or seconds!)

Can Shift Admin handle shift trades, postings, and splitting shifts?

Shift Admin has an incredibly easy to use system for trading, posting, assigning, and splitting shifts. Our custom role system allows an administrator to set permissions giving users as much or as little control as they would like.

Can we track our statistics on Shift Admin?

We have a robust statistics package included in Shift Admin. Administrators can track hours, nights, weekends, holidays and much more with one click for any time frame you want. In addition users can be given the ability to view some or all of their statistics at anytime.

How is pricing done for Shift Admin?

Pricing is based on the user type and number of users. However, we believe you should only pay for what you get, so non scheduled users are not billed. In addition users who are off of the schedule for a month are also not billed. Discounts are available for large groups.

How do we get started using Shift Admin?

Our support team will review your current schedule and users with you and then help you import your users and shifts into Shift Admin. You can then quickly import you schedule using our intelligent schedule loader. We provide training and support to your group administrators to make sure your transition to Shift Admin is a smooth one.


"We have been using Shift Admin for 2 years now. We find the company to be extremely helpful and remarkably responsive to our needs. Any questions we have get immediately answered. It is quite intuitive to work with, the simplicity for the end-user is outstanding. For the administrator, there are many options for data capture. When we grew from a one hospital to a 2 hospital operation, it became essential to have this program in place."

Bruce Hubbard, MD

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