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Schedules, Document Management, Communication ... Simplified

Thank you for your interest in Shift Admin. Our goal is to provide a web-based service that will simplify your scheduling and department management processes. Our service automates the scheduling process while simultaneously functioning as a communication center with both document management and email/sms features.

Some of the current Shift Admin features include:
  • 1. Complete schedule management system including:
    • Schedule request system allowing users to quickly enter requests for either entire or partial days off or on. Users can also enter comments related to their requests. If needed, the scheduler can place limits on the number of requests. The system can also send automated notification emails about request deadline dates.
    • Automated Schedule Generation that can generate optimized schedules based on fully customizable constraints and rules. The Shift Admin schedule generator contains a world-class scheduling algorithm and features a simple but powerful user interface. Our system is flexible enough to handle even the most complicated schedules.
    • Ability to print/share/sync schedules. Pint your schedule in almost any format, such as PDF or Excel. The system also allows you to provide a read-only URL to other departments, friends, and family. In addition, users can easily subscribe directly to their real-time Shift Admin schedules using external calendar software (such as iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar) or smart phones and tablets (such as iPhones/iPads, Android phones and tablets, and Blackberry phones).
    • Multiple schedule views (including the ability to customize views for your group) - schedule views for individuals, for hospitals, or for your entire organization
    • Easy-to-use system for trading, posting, offering, assigning, and splitting shifts. Our custom roles feature allows an administrator to set permissions giving users as much or as little control as is preferred. Users can receive email and/or sms alerts about posted or opened shifts, about their upcoming schedule, and more.
    • Robust statistics package that allows administrators to track hours, nights, weekends, holidays, pay, and much more. We can also build custom reports and exports to meet any extra needs or preferences or to interface with external systems.
    • Comprehensive built-in payroll system that covers a wide range of needs, including hourly rates or flat amounts that can be defined all the way down to the user, facility, shift, etc. Pay differentials and pay adjustments are also supported, and data can be exported to custom reports or external payroll software.
    • Time management: clock in/out system
    • Custom hours tracking functionality for recording non-clinical time
    • Numerous additional features
  • 2. Completely customizable role settings. Your group can have as many different levels of access as you desire.
  • 3. Full administrator privileges, so once your group is online and trained you can manage your site yourself
  • 4. Full document management system, including both group and personal document sections, plus document tracking available for administrators
  • 5. Internal email system including external recipients and ability to add multiple attachments, plus mass SMS texting functionality
  • 6. Completely web-based system - no software to install ever, and you can access the system anywhere you can get online, even with a mobile phone or device via our mobile site
  • 7. Easy scaling to handle organizations of any size, from a single facility with a few providers, up to a large organization with thousands of providers staffing hundreds of facilities across many specialties.
  • 8. Simple pricing system, you only pay for users on the schedule each month, and you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.


"Shift Admin is an exceptional system, but more importantly the support you get is fast and from ED physicians who understand your problems and solve them. Their honest and prompt, effective efforts make them a pleasure to work with."

Stephen Coniaris, MD
Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp

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If you are ready to get started with Shift Admin, or if you'd just like some more information, please contact us by using the contact form or by calling our toll-free number at 1-888-744-3840.

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